Employment Opportunity - Enrollment Organizer

The COFA Alliance National Network (CANN) is looking for an organized, motivated individual to provide community organizing and enrollment support for COFA community members in Oregon.  The position is primarily responsible for outreach, enrollment and retention of COFA communities and assisting their enrollment in the COFA health care program.  The position is supervised by the CANN Lead Organizer, and will work closely with volunteers and the CANN Board.  The ideal candidate is results oriented, committed and engaged in COFA communities, and have at least 1 year of organizing or outreach experience.

Employment Opportunity - Lead Community Organizer

The Community Organizer is responsible for organizing new members, coordinating communications and administrative tasks for the day-to-day operations of CANN as assigned. Under the direction of the President and/or their designee, the position will work with all Board members and workgroup leaders to execute all the organizing communications needs including but not limited to convening, call-to-actions, training and meetings.

The ideal candidate will have proven organizational skills and attention to detail. Preferably, the candidate will be a member of the COFA islander communities or has an in depth understanding of and connection to the COFA community. The candidate will be able to practice good leadership and communication skills and is expected to work closely with partners and the President of the Board of CANN or his designee. The position is expected to have a high degree of flexibility, the capacity to adapt to changes in the environment, and be comfortable with close coordination and communication with supervisor and workers to adjust work plans and ensure activities work together effectively.

CANN VOTE Partners Retreat

Partners Retreat

CANN VOTE Partners Retreat at the Aldersgate Camp and Retreat Center in Turner, OR. Thanks to APANO for providing the space to learn and trained with other API partners on the importance in Civic Engagement and how we can help reach broader Voter's registration and turn outs of voters for 2016 Local, State, and National (great tools and resources to help our own COFA countries). Now, the CANN youth is activated and motivated to mobilize and energize our fellow COFA residents in Oregon to Get Out To Vote! Be ready for us, we're coming to you! Yes we CANN!

CANN at VOTE Partner Civic Engagement training

CANN at VOTE Partner Civic Engagement training with APANO, MIC, KAC, PACA, and CACA! Objectives to Build confidence, capacity, skills, and leadership of partner groups and key ethnic community. Foster understanding of civic engagement importance and tools, and support creation and implementation of civic engagement plans! Get ready to go out and vote! Need help from our COFA communities in Oregon to be involve civically and tell our stories to empower one another and change policies that matters to our families and communities. Hit us up if you're interest! More to come soon!

CANN is working closely with the Oregon State's COFA Advisory Committee

CANN is working closely with the Oregon State's COFA Advisory Committee to ensure the success of the COFA Healthcare program.

The COFA advisory committee is now seeking volunteers and influential COFA member to be our healthcare "Ambassador". Their volunteer work will be focused on ensuring that COFA islanders are aware of the program, understand how it works and encourage those who are eligible to apply. Please send an email to [email protected] if you want to learn more!


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